From Saturday morning I’ll be bringing you regular updates, audio clips, photos and maybe even the odd video clip from The Amazing Meeting, a two day celebration of science and critical thinking. This page does not update automatically – who do you think I am, the BBC? Oh, and the live video is back for the last two sessions! Well that’s it from me for TAM London It’s been a fun two days, and tomorrow I’ll do a quick round-up of any blog posts and things that people do. In the meantime, I’m off to the pub.

Unfortunate Implications

This is the morning I am having. And having written this, I know what I am going to do. My practice… In a moment of utter frustration, she walked away from the computer. How do you explain a world when your perspective is that of a child?

Creative Speed Dating. 85 likes. Creative Speed Dating by BFFF is an international event series aimed at connecting people within the creative industries.

EST Robert Keller, in his office, points to an overhead view of a conservation easement project. Melissa Golden for Fortune This article is a collaboration with Fortune. The idea seems like the perfect marriage of environmentalism and capitalism: Landowners give up their right to develop a piece of property, and in exchange they receive a special tax deduction.

Nature is preserved and everybody benefits. The property, Mead Ranch, features vernal pools and rare and endangered plants. Two entirely new species were discovered there. Bears, bobcats and mountain lions roam the grounds. Mead allowed groups of hikers, birders, and plant enthusiasts to visit.

H&M is coming out with a sustainable denim collection, and it’s pure “jeanius”

In the event of an added leap second, a 0-bit is inserted during second 59, and the special missing bit is transmitted during the leap second itself, second There is still a year ambiguity, as the Gregorian calendar repeats weeks every years, but this is sufficient to determine which years ending in 00 are leap years. The phase modulation generally encodes the same data as the amplitude modulation, but differs for bits 59 through 14, inclusive.

Bit 59 no amplitude modulation is phase-modulated as a 0-bit. Bits 0—9 are phase modulated as 1 bits, and bits 10—14 are phase modulated as 0 bits. This signal strength assessment was made according to the reflection model with a reflection one hop on the ionospheric D-layer.

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys After a rummage through our Offset totes, we took our seats to listen to Bruno Maag, founder of the independent font foundry, Dalton Maag. During his talk, he explained the connection between science and design by presenting facts about the human retina.

The diagrams reflect the pins of the CRT base; CRT socket pins are numbered clockwise when viewed from the bottom solder end. Sockets for older CRTs are difficult to find but makes assembly easier. An alternative is to use individual wires with appropriate pin connectors at the ends. Do not attempt to solder a wire to the anode cap as that may damage the CRT. Use an appropriate anode cap connector or be creative with a paper clip. Other CRTs may require much higher voltages on the anode cap and cannot be used with this design.

However, most preferred electrostatic CRTs do not have the anode cap. The negative high voltage needed for the CRT elements are generated by a voltage doubler running off half of the VCT secondary to generate about V. Note that different transformer selections will lead to significantly different voltages. Note that the 5V XYZ scope power supply is capable of supplying enough current for the Dutchtronix clock to operate.

The deflection amplifiers are centered around a differential transistor amplifier that produces equal push-pull voltages on the two deflection plates. The collector voltages on both transistors change at the same amount but in different directions for linear deflection of the beam. A mechanical analogy of the collector voltage behavior is to visualize a seesaw; as collector voltage 1 goes up, collector voltage 2 must go down the same amount.

The position pot changes the voltage offset on the amplifier to reposition the beam.

The TAM London 2010 live blog

Messenger Exactly a decade ago in , the Australian government committed to an ambitious strategy to halve national homelessness by Through stepped-up early intervention, better homelessness services and an expanded supply of affordable housing, the problem would be tackled with conviction. Instead, as succeeding governments regrettably abandoned the strategy, homelessness in Australia has been on the rise.

Creative Speed Dating by BFFF is a series of events connecting talented directors with commercial production companies, creative agencies and brands. Join a gathering of leading personalities from the commercial production, branded entertainment and music video business and upcoming directors at CSD sessions in several cities across europe.

My problem is deciding how to list my body type. The guys who have made contact have been people that I probably would not have dated normally, i. On the next episode of Online Mythbusters, we will learn: Why odd men with no jobs contact you! Most of these people are good people — and yet they give in to the temptation to lie. Next myth to be busted: Well, you touched on it yourself, Nicci, in your email.

The Billion-Dollar Loophole

Even the stepladder and the trash can are the same. He celebrated 40 years at his job yesterday. Weekly photo by David M. Fitzpatrick By David M. He arranges the type on a chase, locks it in place, and turns on the motor. The letterpress hums to life.

If you’d like, try showing this 2-minute clip from Gilmore Girls (try to hide the shock when your students don’t know what Gilmore Girls is) that shows a classroom appropriate glimpse at speed dating.

The Goldmann Group specializes in the production of both commercial and newspaper products with high quality and short production windows. The gapless 2 x 8 presses will be duplexed and equipped with pinless combination and former folders to produce a wide variety of signatures from four to sixty-four pages. Since we have installed a total of 20 Goss, Heidelberg and Harris web offset presses, including Sunday and Sunday presses.

Both presses will be equipped with Goss QPL Quick Plate Loading technology, which provides semi-automatic plate loading and fully automatic de-plating of the press, for a 40 percent reduction in plate changing time compared with standard semi-automatic plate changing. The new gapless Sunday presses will also be equipped with Goss Contiweb FD flying pasters with mm inch roll capacity. One press line will be fitted with a PCF-3 pinless combination folder handling two webs or four ribbons, with double parallel fold capacity.

The other press line will be equipped with a PFF-3 pinless former folder handling two webs or eight ribbons. The presses will also include Goss Ecocool dryers, Omnicon controls and the Goss Web Center workflow system with the Omni Makeready feature for low waste and fast job changeovers.

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Paul Berry After building the product for Huffington Post, and owning the product and engineering groups at AOL after we were acquired, it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current CMS offering gave the world and what the world needed. Five years later we are at scale, moving the needle and doing to WordPress what Airbnb did to Craigslist.

Social and Centralized WordPress, Drupal, and the custom CMS solutions of the world are all independent, non-connected instances that each need to be updated individually.

And eventually needs correction by creative speed dating offset larger cycles – the Bahá’í calendar is the calendar used by the Bahá’creative speed dating offset Faith. But this is offset roughly accurate, but in March, all months landing on a knuckle are 31 days long and those landing between them are not.

In a start-up sequence the rotor may be parked held stopped , and on release of the brakes would be accelerated by the wind until the required fixed speed was reached. At this point, a connection to the electricity grid would be made and then the grid through the generator would hold the speed constant. When the wind speed increased beyond the level at which rated power was generated, power would be regulated in either of the ways previously described, by stall or by pitching the blades.

Wind generator Subsequently, variable speed operation was introduced. This allowed the rotor and wind speed to be matched, and the rotor could thereby maintain the best flow geometry for maximum efficiency. The rotor could be connected to the grid at low speeds in very light winds and would speed up in proportion to wind speed. As rated power was approached, and certainly after rated power was being produced, the rotor would revert to nearly constant speed operation, with the blades being pitched as necessary to regulate power.

The important differences between variable speed operation, as employed in modern large wind turbines and the older conventional fixed speed operation are: The design issues of pitch versus stall and degree of rotor speed variation are evidently connected. In the s, the classic Danish, three-bladed, fixed speed, stall-regulated design was predominant. Aerodynamicists outside the wind industry such as for helicopters and gas turbine were shocked by the idea of using stall.

Yet, because of the progressive way in which stall occurs over the wind turbine rotor, it proved to be a thoroughly viable way of operating a wind turbine.

The Art of Customer Loyalty

Lunar month The following types of months are mainly of significance in astronomy, most of them but not the distinction between sidereal and tropical months first recognized in Babylonian lunar astronomy. The sidereal month is defined as the Moon’s orbital period in a non-rotating frame of reference which on average is equal to its rotation period in the same frame. It is about It is closely equal to the time it takes the Moon to pass twice a “fixed” star different stars give different results because all have a very small proper motion and are not really fixed in position.

A synodic month is the most familiar lunar cycle, defined as the time interval between two consecutive occurrences of a particular phase such as new moon or full moon as seen by an observer on Earth.

CREATIVE SPEED DATING. Process: Think “speed-dating” but for creatives. Takehome: A notebook full of tips and contacts. Priceless. Dublin is a hot bed of creatives, curators, publishers, performers and promoters who are not only shaping the city with their vision but make it .

For other uses, see Promenade disambiguation and Esplanade disambiguation. For the neighbourhood of Kolkata, see Esplanade, Kolkata. Beach promenade in Rostock , Germany An esplanade or promenade is a long, open, level area, usually next to a river or large body of water, where people may walk. The historical definition of esplanade was a large, open, level area outside fortress or city walls to provide clear fields of fire for the fortress’s guns.

In modern usage the space allows people to pave the area as a pedestrian walk; esplanades are often on sea fronts, and allow walking whatever the state of the tide, without having to walk on the beach. Esplanades became popular in Victorian times when it was fashionable to visit seaside resorts.

Creative Speed Dating

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