Colombo — the commercial capital of Sri Lanka Kandy — the spiritual heart of the country, home to a tooth of the Buddha Nuwara Eliya — has the coolest climate in Sri Lanka and mountains covered with Tea plants Anuradhapura — ruins of ancient capitals partially restored Polonnaruwa — ruins of ancient capitals partially restored Batticaloa — the main town in eastern region- Called land of singing fish. Jaffna — the northern Capital of Sri Lanka Galle — a home for a Dutch fort, and a a gathering point for travelers from the nearby beach resort villages Ratnapura — City Of Gems, nothing much for tourists Other destinations[ edit ] Negombo – Dutch and Portuguese colonial remains Kalpitiya – Peninsula with isolated remote beaches like Alankuda,Kandakuliya public beach and Kudawa on the west coast. Wilpattu National Park – The largest national park in Sri lanka. Known for natural lakes , wildlife including a wide variety of birds Sigiriya – The right spot to climb the beautiful Sigiriya rock. Kitulgala – Pristine wet zone rain forest, white water rafting for adventure seekers- 4 hours from Colombo Bentota – Popular beach resort town on the south west coast, nearby Induruwa beach is one of the best beaches in Sri lanka Balapitiya – Balapitiya is a coastal town, in south west Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province in Sri Lanka. Visit now, before concrete hotels start to appear. Mirissa – Small beach village on the south coast close to Matara with two good surfing spots Dikwella – Beach with crystal clear waters, nearby Hiriketiya Bay is popular with surfers.

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Since he first discovered Companions on a Journey, Sujeewa’s life has turned around. He feels more confident with his sexuality, he has started working as a hairdresser and now has a steady boyfriend. When he started the group last year, he used to receive death threats. It got so bad, he says, he had to leave the country for a while until religious groups, political leaders, and some sections of the media, the most vehement opponents to his organisation, calmed down.

They refused to recognise it existed. Given the social intolerance, it is very difficult, Sherman says.

An insider’s guide to the greatest beach-side retreats in Sri Lanka, from breezy rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking curvaceous coastlines, to infinity pools peering over waves sliced.

The General law a combination of Roman Dutch and English law is the main system applicable to every one except if they are governed by the personal laws. There are three other parallel systems of personal laws in Sri Lanka, i. Soon after, her father died leaving no last will to ensure her share of the paternal property. The process, applying Kandyan law, which followed to divide the estate among his children, deprived Bandara Menike of any right to her “paraveni” property inherited from her father.

Her three brothers and two sisters – one, unmarried and the other, settled in a “binna” marriage in which the bridegroom shifts to the bride’s house – received equal shares of the “paraveni”. Had she been a low country Sinhala or registered her marriage under the general law of the country, she would have received a share equivalent to that of her siblings. Nevertheless, women born to Kandyan families have another disadvantage. If it is proven in courts with carefully-preserved documents that her family is of Kandyan origin, dating back to when the Kandyan Kingdom fell, Kandyan law supersedes the common law in relation to property and inheritance rights.

The Kandyan Law stipulates that a “deega” daughter coming from a family originating from the Kandyan Region which could encompass Kandy, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Ampara and certain areas of Batticaloa District is not entitled to inherit property from her father. The reasoning is that the family property, which sustains the family from generation to generation, should not be passed onto an outsider.

The four systems are the general or, the common law , Kandyan, Muslim and Thesavalamai laws. The first three are practised respectively among the low country Sinhala, Kandyan Sinhala and people of Islam religion.

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Museums in Sri Lanka offer a rich insight in to the history and evolution of Sri Lanka as one of the most distinctive countries in the world. As in any other place in the world, one gets to know all about the past of a country through the exhibits housed in the museums.

Language was not the only problem. Colonization was the biggest problem. Only after the move for the stiyagraha agitation he talked which included land problem too. Unfortunately Sinhalese never had a proper Leader. The so called leaders were led by the masses. So politics goes on with the support of people like. You are not bound by the international community, true, unless it suits you. Either way you are lost.

You are idiotic when you say that we are not bound to the international community.

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Articles Sri Lanka is a multicultural country, with people from varied religions and origins. The strategical location of the island made it a point of business, and rest, for travelers, traders and sailors for centuries. They are empathic, tolerant, not very aggressive, and shy, even if they like to show off and dress up for big occasions.

Plus Sri Lanka visa $35 Airfare additional Single Supplement $ Pettah the Hindu Temple at Sea Street and the Dutch Church at Wolfendaal, dating back to The historic Davatagaha Mosque, Independence Hall, B.M.I.C.H, are also some of the attractions in Colombo. (L-D) Overnight Stay at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Superior Room.

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These can include switching a product s packaging to a recyclable one or giving customers reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Although it cannot diagnose depression, it can indicate whether it s a good idea to see a professional for further assessment. Life-long stress parents were handicapped and homeless brother that s constantly needy just killed off any desire deal with more.

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The baby is then bathed and rocked to sleep. FGM culture is widespread in this tiny Indian Ocean island. But the practice is kept a jealously guarded secret by women, who think an infant who does not undergo the surgical operation will be considered unfit for any respectable man to marry. At least two million girls around the world have their visible genitals removed annually, the United Nations estimated in It is practised chiefly in African countries with large Muslim populations; some African Christians also do it.

But there is no Koranic or Biblical backing for the practice which predates Islam and Christianity.

Sri Lanka Muslims represent a number of different ethnic groups, three of which are recognized in the government census: Sri Lanka Moors ( million); Malays (60,); and Indian Moors, the majority of whom are ethnic Tamils from southern India (40,).

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The appellation “Moor” from the Portuguese is not used by the population to identify themselves. The Sinhalese use the term “Muslim” or “Marakkala” after a leading Muslim family name. Sri Lanka Muslims occasionally call themselves “Sonakar” or “Sonar,” therefore setting themselves apart from the Muslims of south India. In government publications the designation “Tamil” implies Hindu or Christian; Muslims are listed as Moors.

An additional factor that enhances the value of this poya to Sri Lanka is the first local ordination of a Sri Lankan, when Prince Arittha, the nephew of the king, entered the Order at Anuradhapura, under arahant Mahinda, following the introduction of Buddhism.

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All you want to know about Sri Lanka Customs රේගුව ගැන නොදත් දේ

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