The electrics are sealed in the unit and are, of course, waterproof. The wiring cannot be changed without damaging the watertight seal. If I put the fountains next to the house I could get them to the outlets with the wiring the pumps come with. But how should I power the things out in the “middle” of the yard? I could have an electrician run conduit to the fountains and install an outdoor plug, but then I need to be concerned about shutting off power to the outlets if it rains and nobody is home, don’t I? Do I want an outdoor power plug– two, actually– out in the yard? They cannot be camouflaged as the lawn is wide open. And if I do put them out there, is running conduit something I should do or should I leave it to an electrician?

Submersible Water Pump For Fountain

Dread of wiring your outdoor water fountain need not keep you from starting your project. Wiring can be confusing, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure both safety and success. Choose a Location Choose the location for your fountain. Placement of the fountain is a purely aesthetic decision.

Water Pumps Direct is an online Fountain Pump superstore, specializing exclusively in Water Fountain Pumps, Submersible Fountain Pumps and Fountain Water Pumps.

Maintenance of Fountain Pump: Water fountains require very little maintenance. Once set up, fountains simply need to be wiped clean every now and then, and the water level needs to be maintained to prevent damage to the pump. Here are some tips for keeping your fountain running properly and looking beautiful over the years. To save your fountain from the natural mineral build up that arises when using mineral-rich water, we recommend using distilled or reverse osmosis water. Check the water level daily for the first week, adding distilled water as needed to keep the pump completely covered.

Water should be added to the water fountain when needed, making sure the water level does not drop below the height of the water pump. Periodically, clean the fountain, container, pump, rocks, etc. Some fountains become moist on the underside. If you are placing your fountain on fine wood, you will want to use some form of protection. Alternatively, you could try placing your fountain on ceramic tile or a trivet designed for hot food, to raise it off your furniture. Always disconnect the pump from the power source before cleaning and servicing.

Clean your fountain every months.

Pond Pump – Which option please for wiring?

While the mag drive pond pumps and direct-driven are submersible the external pond pumps are non-submersible and are actually installed outside of the pond water. Being located outside of the pond is the reason they were coined the term “external”. They can be an excellent choice in any pond or waterfall installation. What Actually Makes Up a External Pond Pump The types and the features on these pumps may be slightly different but they are basically the same.

Fountain Pumps: The pump is the unseen heart of your fountain. Submerged in the reservoir, the pump draws water into its housing, where an impeller (a water propeller spun by electricity) forces the water out through the pump’s outflow fitting.

These steps are outlined in the literature and are written for teh consumer of average ability to understand and implement. There are several broad categories of outdoor fountain that have similar setup techniques. You are familiar I am sure with the type of fountain you have on hand, if not, ask. The two main types of outdoor fountains are the wall and pedestal types. Garden Wall Fountain Setup Garden wall fountains are meant to be placed up against a wall, fence, post or other supporting structure.

This is support is necessary due to the upper portions of the fountain being separate from the lower section in most cases. Also, wall fountains for the garden are made to take up less space then pedestal types. This is because they are usually situated along pathways where people pass by and are not meant to command a large space. It is always important to consider this fact when setting up, or before purchasing, these types of fountains to ensure you have a structure in place that will provide adequate support.

In addition, the pictures you see online in almost every case only show a photo from the front, which is of course the most attractive view, but from an installation viewpoint it can also be important to consider the rear of the fountain which typically has a horizontal bar in the back of the top section that is used to secure a wire to it from the supporting wall or other structure. A brief description and overview of the parts ad process of a common garden wall fountain can give us a better understanding of what we may be faced with during fountain setup.

How to Set Up a Water Fountain Pump

After all a good pond pump is a pretty complicated piece of kit, all wires, cogs, circuitry and complications. Surely you must need a degree in nuclear physics and some sort of Dr Who sonic screwdriver to even get it out of the case? Well no, actually, pond pump repair is actually pretty simple for the most part. Usually your pump will have stopped working because of something simple — a pesky twig, a pile of gunk and leaves or a build-up of blanket weed.

Find great deals on eBay for Fountain Pump in Outdoor Fountains. Shop with confidence.

Hide unsightly pump wires by installing the power source as close to the outdoor fountain pump as possible and burying the wires underground. Ground fault circuit interrupters GFCI are required by code to be installed where there is water and in damp places. You can install the GFCI circuit yourself if you have electrical wiring experience, but check your city building codes to ensure a certified electrician isn’t required for the installation.

Run a string line along the ground from the outdoor fountain to the house electrical panel box location, avoiding the marks for utility lines, and spray along the string with an aerosol paint marker. Spread a 1-inch layer of masonry sand along the length of the trench. Measure the conduit from elbow fitting hub to fitting hub with a tape measure and cut it with a hacksaw where you need to install fittings to route around curves and bends. Feed the electrical wire through the conduit and fittings, using the weight of the nut to help pull it through.

The fittings should be set in place at this point, but not connected to the conduit. This allows you to feed the wire pull rope through individual fittings and shorter lengths of conduit. Unscrew the conduit pull box cover retaining screws with a screwdriver; lift the conduit pull box cover from the conduit pull box.

Tie the opposite end of the electrical wire pull rope around the conduit pull box temporarily while gluing the conduit pipe and fittings together. Apply a coat of PVC glue to the electrical conduit pipe ends and inside conduit fitting hubs.

Wiring fountain pumps

Step One — Situate pump Place a cinder block at the lowest point of your water feature and set the fountain pump on top of the block. If you have a shallow pond, use a block fence cap or bricks as a base for the pump. The purpose is to limit sediment that settles to the bottom of the pond from getting sucked into and fouling the pump. Step Two — Attach outlet water tubing Place a hose clamp over the tubing about four inches from the end and then attach the tubing to the water discharge stem of the fountain pump.

If the hose-to-stem fit is very tight, the use of hose clamps is optional.

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Hope this helps answer their questions, The Customer responded: I have two outdoor gfci outlets. It is the outlet on the pond that is tripping with the pump. That outlet is still running the ion gen and the lights, however. Once I plug the pump into it, it trips. So, that outlet has enough juice to run both the ion gen and lights, but not the pump. To which Aquascape Tech responded: Ah okay this is a different question. There are a few possibilities. The electrical line or quad box does not have sufficient amperage to handle running the extra pull from the pump.

A quick way to test is to plug a hair dryer into that outlet and turn it on. Many hair dryers run a good bit of power. I think mine is watts, an Aquasurge pulls about watts.

Building Fountain using Water Well Pump-COMPLETED!

Perhaps, you have your garden fountain farther from home making it unfeasible to wire from the grid. Or you will love to see the fountain water pumps running by solar power. Whatever, it is an awesome concept to go solar to run your water pumps. That sure adds some extra beauty to your garden and home premises.

How to Install Submersible Fountain Pumps Submersible fountain pumps are versatile and can be used to create a fountain in your yard or even a waterfall to decorate your pool landscape. A submersible fountain pump operates by sitting under water at the lowest spot available and drawing the water through the bottom of the pump, pushing it.

Many of the designs stem from over 50 years of true craftsmanship and each piece is finished by hand custom to order. In these pages you will find helpful hints in preserving your investment, schematics of popular fountain styles and their assembly as well as some ideas to keep in mind when repairing damages. Click on the menu above for more information.

Fountain Care Do keep fountain bowls filled to proper level to maintain its proper operation. It is not recommended that fountains be left running during the night or when not at home as the water level cannot be monitored. First fill your fountain to the brim. Do not operate the fountain. If your fountain is leaking, the water level in the fountain will be lower and the ground around the fountain will be wet.

If no moisture, do you have pets? You could very well be loosing water due to thirsty pets. Depending on the temperature and evaporation you may see a buildup of white residue on fountain surface from mineral content in the water supply. Fountains without a painted surface including Antique Stains and Washes may also experience effervescence as well as mineral deposits due to the natural occurrence of alkali content in the water. Do not use any abrasive that can damage the applied finish.

To prevent such buildup, we suggest the use of a product called Protec.

How to Install a Fountain

The pump is equipped with a series of four vibration-damping rubber pads which are useful for elimination any noise due to vibration of the pump. The water flow rate may be varied by adjusting the flow regulator, which enables it to be controlled according to each user’s requirements. Maintenance Every 1—2 months remove the front and gently remove the rotor. Wash all the parts in lukewarm water, gently removing any accumulated scale.

Reassemble the parts in inverse order. The side suction grills also need cleaning periodically to allow a continuous, constant passage of water; use a small brush to remove all the scale deposits.

Shop our best selection of Fountain Pumps to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Find the perfect patio furniture & backyard decor at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way.

Different pumps are designed for different needs. And we are sure that there is always a pump in APK suits your need best. Safety is a vital property a submersible fountain water pump needs most. When working underwater for a long time, pump may suffer the dangerous of leakage. This usually happens when lead line of cable and wiring part rub a lot. Thus cable wire is broken, leading to the leakage finally. In order to avoid the situation, APK did large amount of experiments and research, and finally choose to use plug-in cable between lead line and wiring part.

So that submersible fountain pump produced by our company seldom suffers from leakage and is more reliable. Submersible water pump for fountain from APK is able to be turned on frequently and suffer the high pressure raised in short period of time. We use multistage design , which promises to be of high capacity. Small fountain pump is designed light and easy to be installed. Fountain pump submersible for sale Leave your message below and we will send detail information to you soon.

Fountain Support

I will cover the “fountain” Article of the NEC. If you have any questions of definitions then fill free to ask. We can give you laymens terms, and help you get them wired. Not to scare you but your best option looks to run underground branch circuits feeding GFCI recpt. Fountains Part V applies to permanently installed decorative fountains and reflecting pools in the ground, partially in the ground, or in a building.

These units are primarily for aesthetic value and are not intended for swimming or wading.

The fountain pumps and fountain supply pages below will assist you in the selection of just the right submersible pumps and equipment for your fountain making project. The last few years have shown a tremendous increase in sales of table top fountains of all kinds.

This is a small space on the south-side of a town home. Two weeks ago we showed the construction of the lattice mirror screen. This week we picked up the fountain from our favorite fountain and statuary shoppe Statue Maker. Statue makers is in Spring Branch off the I on Blaylock. We put in the larger version of this fountain just a few weeks ago.

It weight in at lbs. Yep…takes several crewmen to get this fountain in place. It was a bit ticker and more effort than usual to install because it is such a tight space. No one could stand where the house and screen are. The above image has three components The base, above, is actually two sections three if you count the removable access door. The weight of the entire fountain is carried down these sections. Note the hole in the middle. The power cord feeds through the hole in the base of the fountain and out the portal in the lowest section.

Pond Pump Installation – PS 4

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